Two mirrors

this journey releases me into a delightful, palpable equality with you.

feels so good to see you so clearly.

we are equal in our knowledge. we are equal in a release we offer one another. we are equal in that we both know you are free to choose who and what you want. I think we share an understanding that I’ve given up a certain potential with you.

I believe we offer one another the release of a key from guilt. The emotional calculus I feel with you is suited for this mutual release of guilt. Feels so beautiful Amanda Jane.

You may have greater access to your compersion for me through my selflovemaking. I offer to ‘work on’ ie melt my guilt at sex with one other than my partner. I’ve felt plenty of that, and it may be easier to express shameless pleasure to one whose jealousy I fear – gentler with me as selflover. I know about this guilt and ms jane it’s my specific offering to you to make a space in the uni verse 2 release that & go further and in all sincerity…

I feel you take sexcursions that you freely let yourself into. You describe your actions, choices and responses beautifully and articulately.

I relax into how when u’r feet are held back so beautifully,

playing with the inevitability of what was happening

I am not there

not on your mind

not on or in your body

relax into yourself eric

your selferic

breathe into where only this release can take you.

in your mind’s eye, show him your mouthfull semen, and your desire

though you may never


jane I know that if I want a man to see me with a mouthfull of my cum then it’s my place to arrange that; to let it happen.

As a man older than you, I embrace the potential that you will be making love when I’m gone from these times, so that stands for an ultimate truth, and I touch that delicately when I masturbate alone, to your delight and freedom

aaah oooh it feels so good to say this to you

to you



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