Pair Bonding

Yes, I think you would have enjoyed watching last night, especially. He finally came in me (with condom, of course). And I cot close to coming before that while we were standing, him behind me, his cock against my ass, as he fingered my clit and we thrusted against each other.

Yes, a mirror for masturbating would probably be good. I was thinking of that recently. Yesterday. We have connected well that way.

Re pair bonding

Yes…rich territory — to hear you describe that, to honor your space for that.

I volunteer to be a guilt free zone where you may be present with your sexuality. I have felt many rimes :-)) tumes :-)) I mean RIME hahahaha how many times I’ve felt the mutual release we offer one another. I don’t just say I set you free in my heart. I masturbate to your pleasure, seducing ms myself into yielding to my inner love.

omg you fucked standing up last night and your lover let go into you for the first time.

Where were you standing?

How did your feet feel on the floor?

Were his hands clasping your breasts or your hips or your waist?

I am naked right now.

You are a female mirror for me.

I began this letter by saying: pair bonding.

I imagine you’re saying to me: “you’ll never see me fuck Hal, by the way, it’s just not his thing. Not part of what we do. It’s what you said you want — we fuck and you mirror masturbate. You have said that! What are you embarrassed by that? By me saying that? I spread my legs for this man and you’ll never see us do that. He will not see you cum or drink your cum or whatever — not interested. Therefore you will fuck your ass and mirror masturbate and lick your crust and all that other stuff you do, alone, while some time you don’t know, we make love.”

You could make love any time, including in the middle of your work day.

Waist down ass up, or laying back nice and easy, spreading your long legs.

I am creating a mirror for myself. I chose a mirror, a small hand held one, and I’ve been spilling onto it night after night. Saving it for myself, or most of it, for some future moment. Alone or with group witness. I am gonna lick it off, in an expression of love for myself, while you my beloved make love to your man with the strength of woman.

You are so beautiful, free.

I think it’s time for me to take this to the mirror.


Sorry —

We did not fuck standing up. The standing was pre-fucking, but hot — as in, if we could have kept at it I would have gotten close to coming.

Fucking was me on top first — for a good long while.

Then we switched places. He came in me with me on my back, holding my feet together in the air with one hand and holding his ass with the other…

But yes, standing…. I forget where one of his hands was…. My hip or breast? His right hand was stroking my clit. I held the back of his head with one hand (I think). With the other, I held his cock against me, just below one ass cheek. Close enough to my pussy to feel exciting, but not close enough to be a “danger.”

My feet felt solid on the floor.

I love foreplay while standing. So fucking hot. Such freedom to touch with both hands. And to have him behind me………..

Love your mirror….. You…… I know you are loving yourself right now, so well, so good.


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