Photo by Dani.

For this one I feel such compassion for myself, and I love the simple beauty of what I am doing; what I am putting on display and observing myself display. Ejaculation could be called a secret. It often happens out of sight. I think most often, men see it; how a man feels when he experiences and sees himself ejaculate is kept in a deep place. I think for most men, such delightful fleeting self honesty.

I love putting this on display. Putting myself on display, and something about who I am, and something about men. I understand I am fulfilling an arachetypal expression; I am a seed moment.

This was a moment of consciously giving to myself. There are subsequent photos of my making contact with my pool of semen, and my wet mouth. So gorgeous to SHOW.

I have a mirror going on my desk that’s an expression of our conversation. It was a used one, with a ring of very old cum around the edge, wedged into the corner against the glass. Lots of streaks and licks from old times, licked off and left as residue. Then I left it on my desk and, evening after evening, I’ve expressed my pleasure there. Three orgasms milked out as a gift to myself, as we talked about so gently, as you explained to me, as you suggested.

Then last night…I masturbated, zosha sleeping in my bed, and I spurted out a deep ejaculation all over the prior three. Fresh semen quickly dissolves recently given semen and my old cum melted into my new. I dragged my tongue across this fresh sweet mud and licked from four orgasms.

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