About That Day

Photo by Dani

Heather Fe said yes when I asked her to engage my masturbation in person. We had been doing photo sessions for about four months at the time. I asked her to be photographed holding the mirror while I mirror masturbated; and photographed along with me.

I would be naked. She would be dressed. I would masturbate to orgasm; that’s how I proposed it; described as a ritual. She said yes. One of her friends tried to talk her out of it but she didn’t think the arguments were viable. We always felt good working together and every session made beautiful art. In this session, Dani was to be the artist and Fae and I, the art.

The morning of the session, we got together. It was very early on a Sunday morning, in January. Fae was bundled and I let her in when she appeared at my kitchen door.

She took off her antique wool coat to reveal herself in a white gown. We made coffee and were eager to begin. In a little while we were in the studio area, a side of my room near a window, with white drapes. Dani got her cameras ready. We sat on the white carpeted floor in the cool morning light.

I filled a bowl, and Fae and I each took one deep breath, misting the room with a minty-evergreen scent.

On the floor between us was a round, gold-framed mirror. It was small enough to hold in one hand, and had never been used for this purpose. I knew that doing this would require a series of steps into verbalizing what I wanted in the images, and this felt daring to say. “Would you hold the mirror to my face, while I masturbate?” I asked.

She said yes.

Would you be willing to hold the mirror while ejaculate onto it, when that time comes?

Her eyes softened and she said yes.

Would you raise it to my mouth, so I can lick it? She smiled and said yes.

All this talk was getting me hot. I turned to Dani. “Shall we start?” She said she was ready and I slipped out of my longjohns as she photographed me, and then opened up her widest lens and included us both.

What first washed over me was what a release it was to masturbate in front of Fae. I love dna…I love and adore and lust for Fae and it felt good to express my pleasure to her. She the little mirror in her hands, out to me, and encouraged me to look.

“Let yourself be beautiful,” she said.

I watched myself moan as my lover photographed me, and a friend holding the mirror.

Photo by Dani

There was a second mirror in the space, though I had intentionally left it off to the side. Having now shown myself, I knew what I wanted; I wondered whether if I could ask for it. I said I had something and both Fae and Dani’s eyes landed on it as I picked it up and showed them. A rectangular mirror spattered with what was obviously, in our context, semen from many ejaculations. Dried and who knows how long there; some of it for weeks.

“What do you wan to do with this?” Fae offered.

“Would you hold it to me?” I asked. “Yes I will,” she said in her luxurious voice. She held a mirror coated with my semen to my face; and photographs were created as I looked, and as I made love to myself.

I got closer to the glass and smelled the layers of my dried cum. My emotions revved and I reached my tongue as Fae gasped softly, sweetly, and the shutter clicked. I felt my salty dried cum melt into my mouth. This was a new discovery of erotic pleasure, and the first time I licked, dani photographed me doing it. Now I was licking again, with the mirror held by my friend in all her empathy and trust.

My wet tongue was melting off the layers of a patch of my caked semen. My saliva had soaked in and wet it down to the glass, and Fae stroked my head, conscious that I yearned for the whole thing to come loose in my mouth. When it did, she let out a little moan as I tasted and swallowed, and said, ‘good’.

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