Hello See Far

It’s with deep pleasure that I share two diaries with you — both from Solo Touch.

This is from July

This is from tonight

So this cosmic yearning I live. May I state my core phantasy to you? I will take the liberty.

I enjoy being confronted by and fully engaging the women I love fucking freely. I choose to be a masturbator. Their sex and her freedom in particular. Her freedom to choose. To trust him. To suck him, and suck him off. To put her legs every which way I know she loves and take his urgent penetration. I want to be surrounded by sexually free and satisfied women, horny women who fuck, deep lovers of their men.

Whilst I live as a mirror masturbator, stocking my hunger and thirst for my cum with their pleasure. I see them as my mirror. I feel this as my creation myth, my conception core — I do submit as the couple fucks. To myself and my existential thirst. I drink my semen. Gallons of it, the stuff that created me. I am my father’s semen. I recognize the cosmology of this and I love it and the pleasure of submitting this way IS SO GOOD.

She — one I love who allows me into her world, to share her pleasure — feeds me consciously, inflicting her delight on me. (They fuck urgently and then orgasm by masturbating in front of one another. Recently she stroked him off and as he ejaculated, put her mouth around his penis and drank him all.)

I take this all and I mirror masturbate. I describe this and my feelings intimately to her.

I lick my dry cum off of mirrors. I lick the cum that I didn’t want at the time I ejaculated! I penetrate myself and relax around the penetration as I gradually settle over it and orgasm.

I cream into my palm. When I am thinking about her, I make a lot of semen. Feels so good to surrender my whole existence to letting it out.

I suck myself in thirsty. I want to display my hom mouth e x p o s e my flooded mouth to them, to him, to you, to the universe which means — to my mirror. to my self.

I know you will understand exactly what I say when I say that all of the above will benefit from witnessing a man whose mouth is full of his own cum.

If we get a lot of men drinking their semen, the world will cool down. That’s sometimes what I think.


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