this warm lake

Fae's Mirror

you answered my question before I responded.

kind bud – as tincture also. I open to a specific angle on beauty, on the exquisite feeling of acknowledgement/self acknowledgment, of words felt and spoken. distinct wavelength of thought, existence, self awareness…and when I feel something that clear as I feel for you, I will usually send it. doing so is a physical, emotional, intellectual experience of myself radiating with beauty.

there was more to my gratitude than I shared; what you gave me is so directly fulfilling of my core phantasy, to be told that you would be choosing others and not me; that I picked up your scent enough to really really, want you; and that I was shown a mirror and invited to give my passion to myself.

I can still see your face looking at my expression as I did what I needed and in truth wanted to do right then.

you support me fully in my need to face myself, and to embrace the freedom of women.

a deep wave I ride into myself.

I didn’t lick any of my semen in your physical presence. I would love to have. The evening I sent you my thank you note, I took back many releases left on a small gold mirror. And made peace with the universe of all the women I love who fuck their lovers…love and make love…and I float on this warm lake and give myself over to myself in celebration.

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