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On Sat, Sep 14, 2013 at 8:45 PM, Eric wrote:

Photo of open portfolios on the table in the Hermitage at Omega Institute, spring ’11.

On Sep 18, 2013, at 7:51 PM, christina wrote:

what feeling does Seeing it invoke?

partly it depends on my state of mind.

always reminds me of my week at the hermitage…

each of the scenes and the three women depicted…all evoke such feeling, so to see them together like that is to stir up a lot of deep yearning of different kinds all at the same time. what i have to do experiencing all that is to let go.

what is interesting and beautiful is that all of the direct sexual contact shown is either masturbatory or homosexual. the women are in the position of space-holder/witness…my craving for their cunts is, with their love, reflected back to me.

they are teaching me to love myself and I am learning. I am aware of the self-intimate experience of drinking wim’s semen…my journey of drinking my own had gone on so long before that – my first experience of swallowing a man’s cum…the erection you see in my mouth was the first moment I went down on him and, though we moved to the bed, I followed all the way through and gulped his abundant ejaculation…that is a photo of me beginning, and I love that I have it/them.

in three of the photos – me and fae on the right…and the center bottom one…are taken by my then-lover dani. the experience with fae contained some magnificent firsts, which dani witnessed with her camera. one of them was: the plan of the photo was that I would ejaculate onto that small round mirror fae is holding; it’s never been used before.

in the space, without saying what I was doing, I also had one that had been ejaculated on several times, and midway through the session I said that there was something i wanted…which was for fae to hold that to my face and to my mouth. when she said what do you want, i slowly, tentatively, said that there’s a mirror there…and pointed to it…that i’ve cum all over a few times…i cannot believe i’m saying this…and I want you to show me my face and i want to lick.

she so gently supervised my licking, such empathy and compassion and understanding and delighting approval of this young priestess I adore offering me to myself as my lover takes photos of our interchange. What you have on the bottom right is the moment when I press my tongue into fresh, wet semen she’s just seen me make…with a sweet smile on her face, surprised, amazed, loving…friendly…

i long for cock…i yearn for a woman to jack a man off into my mouth. i yearn for him to cum down my throat, hot and full.

i long for cunt. I want to give some pretty woman a tongue bath of her cunt and ass. and then fill her up and lick her out.

i long to be the one who masturbates and offers my masturbation to my lovers and to the universe, surrendering all other sex and being its witness, masturbating to all the sex in the world.

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