I am horny and yearning for closeness. I feel comfortable saying this to
you, and what follows. I thirst for cunt, Kano. Yours would do very
nicely, vibrating with your emotions and presence. I don’t have you here
and I am with myself alone all one. I must be satisfied and it is up to me
to satisfy myself. I want to be seduced and it’s up to me to seduce
myself. I accept that about myself and my circumstances now. So, instead
of sucking out a beautiful woman’s ass and vulva, and kissing her deeply
and sucking on her breasts and them maybe easing deep into her as we both

I am gonna relax anyway

I have promised myself pleasure and I will give it. I want to be naked and
for me naked starts with getting naked, and getting my ass penetrated,
which I will do, and I guide myself to watch my face at the moment of
self-penetration. Smoke a little and…feel my situation in a whole new

Then I am gonna lick off of various mirrors semen that I’ve left myself as
a gift for just this moment. Stoke my thirst and fill it up in one
gesture. Lick my cum and let it coat my mouth and fill up my
consciousness. As I fill up inside and get harder and hotter within myself
and tease that edge for as long as I can.

All the while thinking about the women I love making love to whom they love

While I listen to my own voice speak to me about what I am doing (audio
art for this purpose)

And finally as a conscious gift to myself, at the deepest and most
beautiful thought

Let myself go, either onto glass or into my palm. Watching my whole body
heave in a mirror, and watching my face as my pelvis and voice throb.

And then suck up the fresh semen and open my mouth and look in the mirror
to make sure I’m really here. Hold my cum in my mouth and feel my living

I would be honored to show you this. To show you myself in this way.

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