Blank Mirror.

This is who you represent as bOb has evolved: the woman who holds the empty mirror; the clear mirror. You are saying [to me or to whomever]: “it’s not about me. it’s about you.” One detail I love is how your legs are angled to the right like that, suggesting personal unavailability, that you are a vessel or Vestal helper.

in Book of Blue these become known as the Thresholders…mainly women, though the story begins at the point where men are first brought into the fold. They assist with the most elemental life experiences: birth, orgasm and death. Their essential role is to point the person they are assisting to, toward, into themselves. This is called ‘coupling’. Selfsex and celibacy are themes, toward the arrival of a full inner relationship.

Onyx the Thresholder, thank thank you for holding the mirror for me. Thank you for demonstrating that it’s safe to be vulnerable. That I am held gently in being myself.

The mirror, that you’re offering


one aspect of my tantra is submitting to the truth that at any moment, any woman I love may be giving herself over to her pleasure and her lover. gradually the moon rises and i can see in the dark. i fear drowning though I float on a sea of compersion. i feel that out…feel myself into a relaxed space and accept the beauty of all this potential, of all your pleasure and my gift to myself of embracing and confronting myself. the lovemaking of what beautiful women I know encourages me to face my mirror. to face that moment alone and find myself. so strange how unfamiliar I can seem to myself, shadow, alien, nervous every time i want to face e.

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