alone @ night

the other night I went to bed, dozed off and woke up ragingly horny. i’m not sure if that happens to you but sometimes that moment of releasing tension into sleep taps a hot spring of desire. when I’m alone, it’s desire for myself.

i was dressed in long johns and socks and a teeshirt. I pulled up my shirt and kicked down my cotton undies – the old fashioned kind with the woven stretchy weave. i knew this wasn’t going to be a long dramatic tease before I climaxed, and once I felt myself get to that point where I could just let go.

after a few breaths I relaxed and backed away from the edge gently. then I did three things. one is I stripped. beneath the sheets, kicking off my night garments and pulling my shirt over my head.

i then lubed my ass and lubed a slender buttplug and fucked my ass. and relaxed into being penetrated.

then holding the plug in me I got up and walked, naked and fucked, to my kitchen table. there was something on the table that I wanted – a mirror. it was small, about five inches with a blue frame. the glass is all spattered. it’s spattered with, if you haven’t guessed, a lot of my cum.

in other words a collection of orgasms put there and partially licked back, leaving an intricate, layered pattern on the glass. yes what I am saying is i masturbate and let out my cum onto mirrors, sometimes looking at my face as i do.

there are sessions where I lick up my fresh warm cum, and swallow it then, or most of it – there’s always a little left behind. other times i leave my whole ejaculation to dry, and take it back the next time i’m working up a head of steam and a new release of semen. that’s when i’m the horniest for my cum – and right then i have some, sometimes a lot, left there from prior orgasms.

i picked up that mirror and sat down on the couch, where the coals from the fireplace were still emanating strong warmth. I pressed the dildo up my ass and leaned back, sitting with my knees apart. I dropped them apart, feeling the delightful tension in my inner thighs.

i took my spattered mirror in one hand and masturbated with the other. i looked down at my hand and cock and this little blue framed platter with all its deposited pleasure. suddenly i was frighteningly selfconscious, disbelieving what I was doing – and that burst into the freedom of doing it. my focus shifted and i glanced at my eyes, peering out from beneath all the layers of coating, the tongue streaks, and the distinctive visual of a spurt of semen that had dried in place. that did it. i was news. i grunted and consciously looked deeper down, searching for my face, and found it and glimpsed my expression as I was pumping semen – expression that morphed compassion and disbelief.

then i was looking at a pearlescent spill of liquid and brought this up to my lips and sucked in what i had just made. i opened my eyes wide and pushed myself to look at my face as i swallowed and then panted and then my wet lips dropped open and I breathed. i heard myself moan and then grunt as that all happened and the memory was echoing vividly.

my face was wet. i could feel it drying with a cool sensation.

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