Pleasure with Another Man’s Semen

Tom's hand, with his semen.

Once I masturbated with another man’s semen. I think it was the hottest masturbation of my life, so far. We had been playing, he had done things like: I laid on my back and pulled my knees up, and he fucked my ass with a butt plug,

getting fucked makes me horny for orgasm and being seen getting fucked makes me moan.

we wound up face to face, he was sitting there with a full erection. I knew what I wanted, and I went for it. I licked my hands and stroked his cock with both of my hands,

fascinated and a man knows when he’s being invited to ejaculate

I caught his semen in my hands, as he convulsed his breath and belly. My palms were covered; I showed him. Then, squatting right in front of him, I massaged my cock with very warm liquid that he had just released at the height of ecstasy. It was unbelieveable, so slick and melting and smooth and the exactly perfect consistency, like it was just MEANT to masturbate with, and he was watching in stunned post-orgasmic silence, it must have been so trippy and erotic for him to see this.

I orgasmed looking into his face, ejaculating all over everything, as in, all over him, his legs and belly. I hadn’t learned to drink myself easily then. When I play back the scene what I add is that. What I add is cumming into my palm, already wet with his cum, and licking my hand like a dog and show him my soaked tongue and wet face.

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