One alcove

one alcove of this vast pond is contacting my inner woman.

when I connect emotionally to the man who would ejaculate and the woman who would drink him, that is just gorgeous.

when I am with the couple and my core phantasy is to show them – and then him – I am offering myself some encouragement to be the man who drinks the cum of a man. I am in truth exploring a kind of homosexuality.


it would be fun to get this discussion into the mainstream psychological literature =- this description of existence.


Do you remember the name of the psych aligned w/the canadian dude – with whom I corresponded briefly? she had a nourishing response to reading bOb – affirmative and appreciative in a holistic way. that whole branch of the field would be fun to interview in any event, and assemble the model of gender that is being created in the minds of psychs.

Gender is so central to humanity that this is metaprogramming to observe carefully – and perhaps respond to one way or the other.


I will say it was deep, hot and beautifully daring to feel the impulse yes, I’m gonna let her read this whole thing. Present myself to her, to someone whose intellectual curiosity tends in this direction. Who talks to many self identified ‘autogynophilics’. This whole topic could be presented as PROGRESS — men who love their inner woman.

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