You said take it with some sweet lady

I have chosen to do it with only myself in the room and I am in a loving space.

some time if you’re ever curious I will describe how bOb and everyone involved has been a creative partner in my journey of learning to love myself, to forgive myself, to let go of my body shame, and to be honest in the presence of others who I love and admire and desire….

the more I get to know you the more I understand how delicate a journey this may be for you and Zoe I just love you so much, I love your kindness and your gentle trust in me, and I love to stand in the potency of your astonishing beauty and hold my space, respect your space, respect my curiosity about you,

I see so much of myself in you


one thing

maybe you will understand

the Masturbation Celibacy Paracosm — that space apart

and then the lover…the cock sucker and one who wants to smell the cunt of every lovely woman I know and…

then the M Celibacy Paracosm

and then….I fuck

and then…I mirror and want ONLY to mirror

and then…some fantastic friend comes over and invites me to TIE HER LEGS OPEN SUCK HER CUNT ALL NIGHT

and then…I submit to my mirror…as the ONLY realty

and then…my friend Melja is BEGGING me to impregnate her and that would be so much fun and we fuck and fuck knowing that

and then…I mirror in front of her as she watches astonished and perplexed

and then…I want to not fuck until I lick every mirror clean,,,,and I have witnesses who know how true this is

and —– Theresa —– it’s not that it takes strength to live between these two worlds, to stretch my body over the contradiction

it GIVES me so mush strength…,and I know I am holding open this space that’s inviting many people to be open with themselves and with me….

there is no shame in confronting and embracing and eating and licking my shame: there is only this astonishing vector of freedom


you are beautiful…you are a mirror…

here is what I wrote, or rather finished, tonight.

It is from Book of Blue.

Kilissa and Darryl

Login mythos
pass entheos

you are invited to explore. I melt at the thought actually…

you know well now could you know…..

when I was flipping through my notebook tonight…I had written on one page, in all caps, written about this adorable young woman who I was sitting with among some friends the other night…and I wrote this in my notebook because the honesty was just so delicious, to write this right in her presence and…make no move…to hold my space and my desire…..


I know what I want.

And tonight — I was hoping you would see that, so you would know something about me

one thing of many.

…and about you…

You — The Mother — the Mother’s Body — is pure bliss to coexist with


Genevieve Hathaway

I so dearly totally entirely love you

I admire you like you may have NO idea….I am AMAZED YOU EXIST


I love that you come to me for guidance…mainly from the feeling of trust that you bring with you.

You are so alive….you are one of the boldest, most liberated, intelligent…cunty delicious women I have ever met….EXPLORING MOTHER FUCKING EGYPT

the scene of Karnak

the temple of mirrors…of men and women shaven head to toe, making love to ourselves together

for Atum

who made the world by drinking his semen


Moon occults Pluto once per month, and that we can become aware, among other things, of how we will eventually die, since the Moon represents the body and Pluto death. So many people will be finding out how they are going to die, whether they die now or much later. She is always on the mark, in my experience.

this is so beautiful

I am feeling it as the penetrating power of mortality soaking through the [MY] defenses and the [MY] armor and the [my] false propriety.

I take great pleasure in the knowledge of my death — after a lifetime of conscious fear, this began to shift for me in the process of my Book of Blue journey. I can get in the mirror and talk about it and forgive myself for my death, the indignity and grief and chaos of things fall apart — and I am emboldened to be in the moment, in my moment, in my body, I open up to love.

I admit it with my friends face to face…and face to face in the mirror…and gradually we make peace.

We admit our death together…we face it in ways subtle and vast…as best we can, feeling the pull that is all creation

A lot came through with Levon this week


u’ve been on my mind too this evening as I’ve gradually got down with myself.

a shift… I am flirting with causal bliss I’m on the edge of bliss and fear

I have an intention to do a surf along the edge of my orgasm, for as long as I can, so to somewhere I never have been.


it takes such courage to dare to be happy right now, when so much can go wrong. I love how we take turns being more alert and enlightened for one another, passing the light back and forth. posted to facebook


A thought,,,my journey with Planet Waves has involved commencing in a spot of social isolation, a cosmic loneliness…and as the years and now the days progress, I realize just how not alone I am, just how open is this family around me to who I am and what I offer…as we send our pulses of light across the ‘wild winter winds’ of our communications systems…and surround the planet with the subtle invitation to be real to one another right now…

there are SO MANY people who help me so lovingly and so willingly to do what I do…and when I drop my guard I can catch a glimpse of how loved I am, and how I am safe here as a consequence of my conscious journey of learning to love myself, and to hold that love open in the space of others. posted to facebook


I finally had a perk type of orgasm. I lost control to discover that my body had convulsed once. I had fresh semen and I was still holding a full ejaculation and orgasm. So at my height of thirst, I drank semen. Then I was ready to cum a second time so I sat up on the edge of the futon and masturbated myself into a full release, my body throbbing around a big dildo up in me. I chose my left palm as my semen receptacle. I orgasmed moaning and speaking to myself about something, I overshot my hand and spilled some semen into the sheet, then the rest I caught in my palm. I scooped some of the spilled cum up with my finger and licked, and then I was pouring my left palm down my throat


Photos and stories about photos & the people in them; and other stories as well.

The project has gone some unexpected places, through a kind of healing odyssey. All in all bOb freed me from my isolation, putting me in contact with many.

Yes, art is a vector.

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