I Know

what you say about my masturbating to you — that you’re asking me to relax that.

I’ve begun at your request and as I let go, I encounter, oh, how meauti beautiful how cloying my surrender.

In my inner space I converse with myself about my aggression toward you, I do have some stuff to go over.

I will embody the sensation of you into my consciousness.

now. my trip supposedly is compersion turned on myself.

I struggle as I flirt so craving deep surrender to mirror masturbation celibacy, only to be drawn from there by some lovely cunt to sip.

couple other things. I’ve cum out to you, revealing a depth of my homosexual desire that Ive never stated so beautifully before. Thank you for that. I am sure you would be so very happy if I dove into the sea of men and had my fill, opened up. I love that you know that I want to.

I love that you know every intimate detail of my mirroring.

I love

I love you for how you have held me so beautifully in my masturbation.

I don’t want to spend my life apologizing but I know I have hurt you.

I think, though, that a time of licking mirrors rather than vulvas would be a appropriate time to self reflect. To lick each mirror until I am happy with who I see.

you know the total asshole in me. you know me in my deepest revelry of existence. I love every sexual act we have done together, each exquisitely unique one. I offer my depth of love and self acceptance and for you to the extent you have offered me your most personal lovemaking to enjoy. oh oh oh oh you are cosmic mother in that

in truth and in light, licking my semen is about me.

oh how I love you my friend

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