In answer to your question

My experience with men is: a lot of masturbation with and in front of men. Lots of guys have sucked me off – esp when I was younger, it happened…often. I’ve also had men lick my ass out many times…I’ve never done that to a guy but i have licked out LotS of girls.

I’ve sucked cock but so far you’re the only man whose load I’ve drank, except for my own. I’ve never been fucked by a guy’s cock – but I have been all kinds of fucked by men (and women) using cock-shaped toys, legs up, sometimes others watching it happen.

A few men have seen me eat my own cum. Well, more than a few — though the one-on-one sessions are so beautiful. I look for and create opportunities for this to happen. My current core phantasy is mirror masturbating in the same room while a couple fucks. I get off to women I am hot for telling me about their experiences getting fucked & sucking off their lovers; several female friends in my life fulfill this for me, sometimes describing their experiences in vivid detail. I deeply relate to women’s experience.

When I sucked you and you fucked my mouth, fucked me till you came, I got deeply into my inner woman. When my girlfriends share their excursions with me, I learn and feel and get into their point of view, and the pleasure of surrendering them to sexual freedom. Their sex stirs up my thirst for myself, they know it and share in that spirit.

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