A Few of Me

Luscious Photo - Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ.

hi Kris

many photos came spilling out of my Vashon archives. These were from late 1998 – right when I started planet waves – taken by my friend neal. He’s someone I’ve known since he was about 18, in various contexts, and we were housemates at the time – in his house in northern Jersey. One night, just the two of us in the house, we did these photos…and looking at them now I’m feeling how unbelievably beautiful to do this in front of a man…especially an intimate friend. I orgasmed into my palm (there’s a picture of my cupped hand holding it) though I could not go so far as to drink myself in front of him though I yearned to. I did smell myself and he did photograph that. the most gorgeous part was so openly fucking my ass in front of him…with the camera and the lighting units going off regularly. The other most intimately erotic moment was when I came to the last point where I have the choice whether to orgasm or not. There’s sometimes a spot where I can hold back or let go, and when I got there, I felt such clear, empathic pleasure of the honesty that I was gonna let go in front of Neal.

Here are a few of the pictures (and a contact sheet for a couple of extras).



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