about to go to bed. well make love to me and go to bed.

thank you for something, something I know you already are aware of and understand. Which alone makes me happy and so too does the space I am in, the space I have. Incredibly grateful to have worked out this gift to myself, and you’re involved as one of those gifting me.

you are a sexually free woman in my life. one I love and desire though not involved with intimately that way. You are with your lover, and that’s the person you present to me. I am surrounded by sexually free women, in the midst of whom I choose to be celibate. In a mirror. In many mirrors – you are my mirror, you are the woan who makes love, archetypal exploring and discovering yourself. I feel the clarity of your choice, your sense of movement and change within the experience. I know you masturbate. I know you fuck. I am sure he sucks you off and off.

there is a mirror space over there, a few paces from where I am; that’s where I’ll make love. In the depth of my pleasure I know, make love by choice.

in so doing

omg this is the good part. in so doing, you are my companion as I explore myself, providing a space where it’s safe for me to be myself. There as a submissive aspect to this for me. It feels so boyish to me a masturator surrounded by such hot, horny women. On the way into myself, I engage my pleasurshame in exposing myself, and this, to you. I focus my inner awareness.

I surround myself with women in harmony. I see the genius of the sexual balance. I create a space to hold my space. While I am here, I explore all the feelings involved with doing so. Yet known. All the secrecy that surrounds masturbation and the slippery selflove emotion…my tongue is on display in contact with a spattered mirror.

I am me. If I can do this, I can live my life. And I do.

(& if a cunt comes my way I’m gonna sniff her

thank you love for sharing your cunt with me & you share on.)

what elegant compersion. oh so slowly I see myself through my mess.

love you for reading this.

love me for saying it.

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