Text Message (the old fashioned kind)

I know exactly what I want to do with you. In a relaxed and safe space, with lots of time, in whatever state of mind you want to be in, I want to kiss your belly and breasts and let you know that my mouth and my senses are interested in you. I want to sniff your gorgeous perfect tits and your armpits and clasp your fingers as I kiss your belly. I am curious about you.

Then I’m going to approach your pussy, slowly and curiously, and sniff you, slowly and intentionally. This is purely for my pleasure, though you will feel the anticipation of what’s going to happen. I’m going to sniff you until you’re aching for contact, for my hot lips and tongue to dive into you like you know I want to.

I’m gonna smell your cunty scent until you’re moaning, maybe even begging, and when I do lick you, I’m gonna go for your ass first, delicately, for the exquisite pleasure of that and also to tease your clit. You will have no choice but to relax, cus that’s just what you do when someone licks out your ass.

Then I want to taste you. It’s satisfying just to want you, just to have you know I want you. I want to find out what your pussy tastes like, Maria. I’m gonna dip my tongue in deep and slurp out your juice and swallow you. I know men cum into you, so I know I’m licking and sucking exactly where that happens. I want to clasp your gorgeous little hips as I do this.

Then your clit gets love. She will get exactly the love that she needs. Put your legs right where you want them; if you don’t care where I will double you over laying on your back, with your knees against you and your pussy blossoming out, which gives maximum access and a lovely angle and I’m gonna make love to your clit with my mouth.

I am beyond curious to see and explore your inner pussy lips. I want to know how you’re shaped and if your lips dangle and I want to suck them and taste and tease them, sniffing and nibbling you all along. Obviously you have a gorgeous cunt. I’ll do this for as long as you want, till you’ve got what you want and what you need, kissing your plump little cunt lips and loving you just like the look you see in my eyes.

Then you can have whatever else you want, or nothing if you don’t want it. I’m gonna be hot to cum, horny horny horny from all this cunt sucking. That’s all yours, all that emotion I have to share — for you to have, to accept, or not. Go home, send me home, invite me to fuck you or watch me get myself off looking at your hot face and eyes. If you want to fuck me, I can fuck for a long time — especially if my lover is orgasmic, which you obviously are, cus you’re a horny little wild animal, and you like to hang out on the edge. If you don’t want to fuck, that’s your privilege, to say yes or no to whoever you want.

But one way or another, alone or with you, I’m gonna let it out, long, slow and loud. If I’m alone, the only thing that will satisfy me is a mirror, and if I’m with you, the only thing that would satisfy me would be your eyes looking at me, watching me get nasty with myself, and seeing the raw cosmic human expression in my eyes as I let go to the sight of you, with my mouth soaked in your juice, about to be soaked in mine.

And — any time you want, we can masturbate together, or watch one another. If this note makes you want to get yourself off, you can image that I’m watching you, lusting for your self-lust.

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