To understand the nature of the essential androgyny of consciousness, the Primordial Union, other models are needed.•

I am reaching for the androgyny of consciousness. Encountering man and woman making love, encountering woman as free and man as free to enjoy her, I make love for myself as if they are a mirror.

I reach into myself, stoking my desire, and offering myself to me. I witness their surrender to one another invited into my self submission.

I consciously crave myself, thirst for myself, desire revealing my self-desire to them and into my mirror, I accept their freedom to love myself freely, I embrace my androgyny of consciousness in the emotion of wanting to release my semen and wanting to receive my semen.

I need the feeling of the honesty of being known for this. Such is the beauty of the spattered, licked up mirror. My most naked physical honesty. My most free.

I recognize that in showing woman and man together, I receive and accept woman’s permission to show man. I want to express my self semen drinking to him as a gesture of homosexuality to myself.

I have a tradition when I am alone, which is to always look at my face as I take the dildo, and penetrate myself. I want to see my expression.

I want to show every woman I feel as beautiful as she.

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