a moment of hon

She offered me anything.

Last night when I was pretty deep in — mirrored and knees apart, I got into that zone where I know that I masturbate to drink my cum. The whole elaborate floor show, my dry cum as my warmup, I am getting off to the idea of my thirst and fulfillment with a mouth full of my cum. I understand this is the reason I masturbate. I do all of it to thirst for myself and then flood my thirst with my semen. I feel not just this purpose but all purpose. Looking at my face in hot and horny meltdown, my raw emotion of admitting out loud to my face, I am a self semen eater. A self seeeeemen eater. I do it naked with me and often with women and I always beg, with a couple fucking while I face my mirror. I get off and off and off about this — talking to a chick about how hot it would be to be with her while she and her lover fucked. It’s really clear, I’m gonna get off on their fucking which will make me want me more and I’m mirroring while she and her lover get off interpenetrated and I am out in the air alone naked and I must face myself and I don’t want to, I resist, and then I stab my vision with my eyes, I take in the scene of myself like this. I masturbate to drink my cum. I masturbate to wanting to. I masturbate to putting that on display, while doing so.

This woman is handing me my fresh semen on a cum spattered mirror. She’s just seen me put it there. She has offered me any sex I want, and I have chosen to mirror masturbate.