been wanting to share this

you didn’t miss my response to her. no way I could resist her if she said, ‘lick me’. I would say, your asshole first, madame, if ye wish.

not that I would be so lucky but…i remembered that even if so, I promised you I would not fuck till I had licked my mirrors clean. We understand this to be us and you understand something about my dilemma…how I flirt with what I want…and

I thought: the women to whom neisha introduces me, this agreement would apply. as a matter of honor or integrity or self-affirmation. being honest in front of you, yeah. I imagined how I would explain this to danielle, wanting to deeply and with what heat, you understand.

I envision you both fully dressed, watching me keep my promise to myself.

I want to show her, alone. My full mouth. We all know that.


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