nice to drink

she’s a petite, squishy mom…curvy and confident in her body. our last email exchange had been about mirror masturbation, and the conversation in person came back to it soon enough. she described herself just before she went out the prior night, she stood and got herself off in the bathroom mirror, partly dressed.

we were then in front of my mirror portal…and she was describing her responses to bOb as I listened to the love in her voice. She looked at me with gentle, profound recognition and…I felt met and recognized. Such a soft, embracing feeling glowing softly from her eyes.

We snuggled into my cushy bed, dressed…and lay there breathing and…I told her I planned to sniff her; prepare to be sniffed. That is what happened. I started on her hair, neck and breasts, as we kissed intermittently…kissed deeply, a beautiful, extended first kiss…

After a while I kissed my way down her belly and sniffed her crotch, which was damp right through her blue jeans. Noticing that, I asked her to slip out of them, and beige panties clasped her little hips and pussy. I fingered her for a while, soaking myself, and licked up my fingers. I did it again, showing her.

Then I took my privilege and licked her. I explored every crevice of her vulva with my mouth, sipping as I went. I plunged my tongue in in in and loved each moment. I sniffed her for minutes on end – I know she craves someone being turned on by her scent. And I licked her out some more, and smelled her watery delicate essence, soaking my brain in her.

For a few minutes she 69ed me but I guided things back to full focus on her cunt. I did not lick her ass. I am saving that.

I thanked her with love for being the woman to offer herself to me, in such a thirsty moment.

There’s one other detail. Currently she has another lover. After some tension the night of the eclipse, he fucked her. She had already told me that story. So when I was sucking her, I asked if he spurted into a condom or into her. And the answer was – no condom. So I was aware of licking out where he had let go twice.

We fell asleep together. I felt soft and safe in her presence, my heart welcoming and embracing her.

So nice to drink, jane. So good to connect.

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