The Conscious Mirror

One night in late summer, Aerisa arrived in my studio. She had contacted me the day prior, after some time of our being out of contact. She said she would be in the neighborhood, and I invited her to come over.

The day past quickly. She arrived, wearing a light sweater over her strong shoulders, and a long skirt, and sat down at my desk while I sat at the desk of my assistant, where I’d been doing photo research. On Sarah’s monitor were photos of cum-spattered mirrors: some coated with old semen, some licked down to interesting patterns, some with fresh ejaculations apparent.

Some with me in the mirror, experiencing myself; some with others in their mirror, experiencing whatever that evokes for them. A lot of mirror masturbation photos where it’s shown or implied, though mostly mirrors. We were talking about healing when the photos described a kind of self healing — healing the narcissism wound.