Scenario 2232-2

hi ma.k.

most of my hottest sex has involved masturbation,,,for a while but esp lately.

ideas deepening – a self-healing vision and a cultural idea, to introduce something, a notion of self and sex. more on that soon…

personally…my core phantasy involves masturbation celibacy. in awareness of the woman who makes love – I know what she does, she knows what I do. I explore this with different friends at different times. Many intimacies…in my correspondences with friends about masturbation and my self love self healing journey.

This has opened up an exciting…interesting…off the usual wavelength sexual field around me.

My utter profound most delightful inner sanctum core phantasy is this scenario. A couple I care about…a woman I love…fucks another man while I: mirror masturbate, masturbate facing them, dry mirror lick — all of it…in front of them. What I utterly crave is going through orgasm and getting my cum into my mouth and showing her lover, the man who has fucked her, my mouth full of my own cum.

Holy fucking yum.

So this is the kind of journey I often take…my erotic play space…and every gulp of my own cum heals my maleness and that of all men.

I really really really really really want and need to get off with a few other men, together…mirror and face one another. I have to scenarios of this one: with women watching us…and just the men.

I am so close to the boiling point of wanting to jack off and suck off a man and get a whole throatful of his semen. I get off on the women I know who do this as a kind of vicarious queer and it’s so much fun.

And as for you, young lady, I think it would be so relaxing to show you my face as you fuck my ass.

And in some exquisite way help me get my semen into my mouth.

Shivering slightly as I say these words.