so…after all these weeks, the feeling, and the visual, that still rings inside of me is the story of you stroking him so lightly, bringing him to orgasm, and drinking him like you said you would. Somehow I go to the feeling at the center of you when I go there at all, the pleasant anticipation, the joy in giving, that’s how I feel it, and I feel your face from the inside…so pretty! so young…and clear…

there is the added twist of this technique coming from Nate, and how he described his masturbation and you then try this on another man.

I am in love with you saying you would drink him. I know you know how good that must feel, I know you receive that delight. That will keep you young honey.

And when he does himself, he seems to need all this friction, and there you go, getting him off with such a delicate touch of your small hand.

So I was just thinking a moment ago that if I wanted and asked to make love to you, you might well say no, from what you’ve expressed about how Hal feels. I experiment feeling this, letting go into this. I was about to write to you and ask you, would you please, pretty please, watch me masturbate and I knew this was in lieu of fucking you. For the reason that you had chosen not to — and I understand.

I am grateful you share so much and are so compassionate toward my masturbation, and how good it is to masturbate about you. I always come back to this one, when I think of that. So much semen on that mirror, Jane. So much semen from feeling you. Such joy knowing you fuck. Such passion loving you fucked, as you describe your urgency

I surrender to know you may be fucking now