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here were the two emails I sent around when I took that photo of the candle-lit mirror. each to a different woman. on the mirror I am going to send to you, the most recent release was the orgasm resulting from the scenario in blue, below. When you receive it, the topmost layer will be about you, to you, for you. letting to to knowing I am about to send it.

here are those emails.


(to kimberly)

beyond all and deepest, thank you for the honor of smelling and licking your asshole, and breathing deeply for so long near your cunt and licking you into a delicious space. I am in love with your inner labia. so dark and so full.

and yes I want to see you show yourself. you know I know – really show, we both know


and yes I want to put some of my used mirrors around me and show you what I do for myself. hear you talk about your fucking of other men. I accept that you openly chose not to fuck me as is your privilege and … that you will fuck your lover when you please … I want to milk my orgasm out of myself to the sight of your face, knowing you fuck and show you my mouth full of my semen to this truth.


(michelle andrea)

I woke up early to put out pw. i was in my studio. First I needed to let go. I slipped out of the rest of my clothes & was naked and licked my palm and started to fuck my hand, with different potential scenarios to explore, so many, places and people to feel, and in the kaleidoscope I saw your face, and focused on you and revealed my face to you,

and was drawn into your eyes, into your eyes, into your eyes and moaned myself out.