Scenario 2227-2

The chart is concentrated on the relationship side (the right).

Note Sun Mercury exactly setting on right horizon; sunset was exactly at 4:58 or so (chart is for 5:04). Strongly relational / self relational there — and then right above it into the ‘sex/exchange’ zone there is Mars and Nessus — together, sexual violence and need for awareness of need for healing, and also a comment on the social nature of the subject; a little further in, a spiritual layer located in Pisces pointing to a healing zone that’s right on the other side of the Mars/Nessus sexual violence conjunction in the house of deep sex and exchange.

So in a sense that ‘issue’ shown by Mars/Nessus is a kind of veil in front of something deeper, which is real healing/exchange.

The immediate moment is the equation: connect clearly vs. sexual violence/dark intentions. Desire as inherently violent.

Note Moon with a 10 degree number next to it up top opposite Saturn with 10 below.

Impressively close opposition (look at the degrees/minutes to see that). Another take on parallel worlds scenario and sensation of depression/trapped/blocked/overwhelmed. This is on Scorpio/Taurus axis. Deep physical, emotional, hormonal, relational. Moon Saturn opposition almost always has a heavy or unbearable feeling when it manifests.

One last bit.

There is a vivid image of self-relating in this chart.

Leo is the ascendant (self) and the Sun rules Leo. The Sun is setting, on the relationship angle. That by itself could be projection or over-identification.

However the Sun and Mercury is conjunct. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini. Gemini is on the left, on the cusp of the 12th house (deep self, unconscious, secrets, what is denied, what is gestating). So Sun + Mercury = self + all content of the 12th in a to the minute exact conjunction, one degree away from exactly setting.


I affirm your selflove journey. I affirm that you are your lover and love + appreciate that about you. I will not propose sex, fantasize about you or have contact sex with you unless you specifically say that is what you want. You are free at any time to make love to yourself in my presence, or not. I do not need you sexually. I make love to myself beautifully and openly…lovingly. I am my lover — I understand where you are ‘coming’ from


One last. Being around your mother may be triggering you. A LOT of her material shows up in this chart, IN PLAIN SIGHT — the Moon, high above, making many aspects. Also involved with the 12th.