My Masturbation Guidelines

i have done my m masturbation with guidelines. even if i don’t follow them all the time they are hot to think about, and then as I am about to do, to come back to.

they are –

– everything I ejaculate in masturbation goes back into my body. i may use the mirror, my palm, or someone else’s presence – such as your breasts or someone’s hand or someone holding the mirror for me.

– with every partner I reach an understanding that I am a masturbator. we feel the poignancy of my letting go into that.

– that i lick my mirror only naked, and that once per session I lay down on the floor naked and lick off of the big altar in the studio or one of the smaller mirrors laid on the floor

– i watch my face orgasm

– i drink my semen in front of anyone I deeply care about.

– my female friends know I masturbate to them fucking others.

– make eye contact in the mirror I’m licking – or try to – it’s one of those things I have to do consciously, as I avoid my own eyes.

– I lick all the mirrors clean before I fuck again – this one is of course total phantasy. A satisfying one. There are side stories for ex imagine we get some owsley and you agree to be with me in blue while I go about licking off all the mirrors over a day or two, just do it, lick them clean, consume all that seed and fulfill my commitment to myself.

– and….for those times I ejaculate onto the mirror and the desire to lick my semen vanishes – to have no fear or shame or guilt about that. leave it there and just relax into existence. that is pleasure saved for another time – it just happened to me, I turned over the mirror and found there a full ejaculation from several nights ago, that I had forgotten…I remembered when I saw it and I have licked most of it back into me now.